Joins The Hacked Masses, Blames Gold Buyers

It’s not like I really needed more proof that buying gold makes you an asshat, but to drive the point home even further I got hacked today. A friend called me up and asked if I was playing, since I was online, not answering in chat and had emptied our guild’s bank at 7am. Considering that I haven’t logged into World of Warcraft for several days, it was easy to draw the quick conclusion that my account has been compromised.

Now, it would be easy for me to play the blame game and start to point to some form of security fault at Blizzard. It might be, considering the rise of hackings lately. At the same time, hackers might just have found more sneaky ways of getting into our accounts – or simply, the market might be lucrative enough these days that there are just more hackers around now. I’ve really tried to make sense of where I did wrong, uninstalling applications that I’ve downloaded lately, doing a full spyware and virus scan. The virus scan is still running, while the spyware scan turned up nothing.

Victor pointed my to this post at Destructoid, which might give further clues to what happened, while Balsakian mentioned addons. Could be a mix. Could be all of them. Could be neither. I have no idea. I might have clicked a bad link, or an addon is infected, or…I just don’t know. I feel a bit clueless right now.

My virus scan just finished, deep scan on my system and external drive. Nothing found. I’m at a complete loss where to go from here.

Really though, I am not as mad at the hacker him/herself as to the culture that has caused this. They hack accounts to get to the gold, which they can sell. Don’t get me any crap about bad game design and that’s why you buy gold. You’re an idiot who keep fueling money into an industry that is illegal, immoral and has no qualms about hacking into peoples’ accounts.

My gnome is running around in Northrend without pants because of people like you. I love MMOs, I love the culture and the communities. But you, Mr or Mrs Goldbuyer? You’re an asshat. Go cheat in The Sims 3 instead, where you can feel all high and mighty instead of screwing your fellow MMO-players over. The spam, the hackings, they wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a market. Go QQ somewhere else. You’re scum.

I’ve filed a support ticket, with all the information I could enter, and I hope that Blizzard get back to me soon. I don’t really care that much about my current gear, it wasn’t all that anyway, but I want my old stuff back. My 7/8 pieces of Tier 1, my Onyxia Scale Cloak, the old Onyxia attunement amulet that isn’t available in the game anymore. My Perdition’s Blade, that I still had stashed in a corner of my bank. Those are things I’ve been holding on to for years, because of nostalgia. I will miss them.

Krystalle has written up a good guide on how to spot those fishy mails that you might get. She’s also written down some of her own thoughts about hacking and buying gold. Very good read.

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss man. :(


  2. Monkeyclaws says:

    I can only imagine how it would be like to have your 5-years worth of pain and suffering (LOADS of good times as well) just get flushed down the drain in an instant. All because of some dirtbag that’s found a get-rich-fast scheme. I agree that the current gear and such doesn’t really matter. It’s all the memories and “trophies” of ancient feats that really hurts. Without them you could always just reroll a new character, make it look identical to the old one and grind away for a couple of days. But still, IT’S NOT THE SAME! “Here son, this dog is much better than ol’ Buster…”

    Nothing can replace ol’ Buster. There isn’t enough Emblems of Frost and gold in the world (of warcraft) that can compensate a loss of friend and companion.

    On a sidenote, I’m a friend :)

    • Petter says:

      @Victor and @Monkeyclaws – Gravatar. So much nicer. ;)

      And yeah, Monkey, I think we share the same philosophy there. I actually think a lot of people feel that way, when they are faced with the possibility of losing their character. They might not know it before it happens.

  3. Man, that totally sucks that you got hacked :( If you find out how it happened, please let us know. I’m seriously considering buying a Blizzzard Authenticator now because this seems to be so rife.

    I don’t blame the gold buyers though. That’s like blaming drug addicts for the manufacturing of illegal drugs. They’re undoubtably part of the issue but not the main problem. Just like drug problems in society, we need to beyond the easy target and further into the issue as a whole.

    • Petter says:

      See my last post, I think it was a fansite somewhere that got hacked. My own stupidity got the better of me. But yes, I would recommend getting an Authenticator. I surely am. And, as a bonus, you get a cute pet. It’s a win-win situation, considering that you have already spent money on vanity pets in WoW… ;)

      I don’t really think that’s a good analogy for gold buying. Gold buying is cheating in a game because you can’t be bothered to do it the legit way. Of course, MMO designers should look into why they do it in the first place, but it’s still cheating. Most of them know it’s cheating and knowingly fuel the hacking industry with money. In my mind, they are scum.

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