Leaving The Game Is Not Always Weakness

First of all, I love hearing expressions like “the weak must be culled” when related to a MMO. It makes my MMO-loving self feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like the virtual worlds that we inhabit are actually becoming increasingly real. And blood-thirsty. Hardcore stuff, making even the elitist jerks seem humble (ever read any of their FAQs? That’s e-peen stroking right there.).

It’s made up social Darwinism in a virtual world, where rules are meant to be broken. It’s not about aim-botting in a first person shooter, it’s about exploiting other people’s trust and game mechanics to ruin the game for them.

While I agree that bank robbing in any game could be a legit way of playing the game, just like emptying out a corp’s hangars in EVE has been for a long time, I don’t believe there is anything admirable about doing it the way that this Darwoth obviously did. It might make for some hilarious Internet reading, we all love that, but these are the kind of players I don’t want in my game. Not because they rob guilds, but because they are being smug idiots while doing it.

Tiresome, smug idiots. Their “culling of the weak” is more or less ganking people, messing them over. If you leave a game after having been exploited by an idiot like that, probably because months of work was lost because some jackass decided to have some fun followed by a realization what kind of community your game has, I do not blame you. You’re not weak, you’re just fed up. Withdraw your credit card, show both the community and the devs that you do not wish to be affiliated with them – be it Aventurine, CCP, Blizzard…

Social engineering, infiltrating a corp/guild to get to their bank, moving from the ground up until you have access to said bank/hangars…that’s a different thing. That’s infiltration. It’s close to just being a smug idiot, of course, but it’s a different beast. Guiding Hand Social Club didn’t make a use of blaming naming violations to get to Ubiqua Seraph’s CEO, they infiltrated the corp for a long time before they struck. They gave the grieved party a chance to react, a chance to discover what was going on. That’s playing a game, no matter how meta it is.

“Culling the weak”? Let’s not give Dawoth any more credit than he truly deserves, lets not even give Darkfall credit it doesn’t deserve for something an idiot did (which really could have happened in any MMO, more or less). Sometimes I feel like giving DF a go, just to play as “weak” as possible, yet keep going, keep enjoying myself. Being that awful nub the Forumfall community seems to be so afraid of.

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  1. Stargrace says:

    Ahh people like that always make me wonder what they’re REALLY like behind their internet MMO persona.

    • Petter says:

      Yeah. It was interesting when an EVE scammer posted his confession on YouTube, showing everyone who he really was. Wonder how that worked out, if something bad came out of it.

  2. Ella says:

    Can I just repeat myself:

    It’s just pixels on a screen.


    No really.


    We had terrible guild politics going on last week, to the point where I had someone get personal and really rather aggressive on Vent. At which point I said “You know, I’ll just leave”. Clicked disconnect and had a cup of tea and watched TV.
    It’s a game. Playing the game may mean politicking, but there are bloody limits to how involved I’m going to get. They stop at “Who put what in the guild bank”.

    • Petter says:

      While I agree with you on principle, MMOs can become incredibly personal. They are built to be personal. When the pixels on my screen was hijacked by a hacker last week, I felt it on a whole different level. We put so much effort into our characters, our guilds, that when stuff like bank theft happens, we react accordingly.

      Guild drama, though, is mostly people clashing. Sadly. It can be avoided 90% of the time.

      And I am so proud of you, playing and weighing in on MMOs. We really should play together soon, even though I don’t feel like rolling an alliance alt on a different server. Perhaps I could roll a death knight, if you and your man promise to pimp me with some gold. :P

      • Ella says:

        Part of the guild drama was the gm emptying the bank of anything not useful for raids, and selling it – without even consulting officers or guild members. My character deposited most stuff in the guild bank that she didn’t need – and most of the outcome of professional work too (potions, elixirs etc). That irked me, but not more than I could handle, and definately not to a level where I considering QQ – I did however consider leaving the guild.

        For me it’s the exertion of power in any form, the social manipulation I see in players that sometimes disturbs me about these games – I guess this is more prominent on non-RP servers.
        I’ve always talked about the “outsider’s hierarchy” (nerds, women, religion) , and how the model of normative social structures they are not part of get construed and warped when these social groups try to find their own framework for interaction.
        The MMO constructed society is one of these, and it can be brutal.
        I don’t agree with the “You’re weak for leaving”, and I worry that the people who are more apt to engineer these situations and exploit the players who are there to play the game without greater schemes are also the loudest and most tone-setting in the way the community is built.

        I could write a whole essay on fascist structures and MMOs.

      • Ella says:

        Oh, and as for the DK idea…

        I’ve spent far too many PuGs with DK tanks, and Luke going “Death Knights… I -hate- them”

      • Petter says:

        Trust me, that’s as common on RP-servers as on any other servers. Especially in WoW, where the whole concept of “RP-servers” has been ruined. There’s no RP on them anymore, except between small cabals of players. Sad, but true.

        About the DK-thing, I am not a big fan of them either. It’s the 55 free levels that would make me consider rolling an alt on your server. I am not rolling another level 1 character in WoW, ever again. Perhaps a worgen or goblin, but not one of the current races. :)

  3. SynCaine says:

    Here is why Darwoth did not spend months infiltrating a clan to get bank access like the GHSC did, HE DID NOT NEED TO. People were promoting him to the top position in a major clan after just a few minutes of in-game typing, and when that works (20+ times), why would you stop and instead slowly try to make your way in.

    His response to people is harsh, without doubt, but it’s his victims that are really to blame here. When you make it THAT easy to get robbed, you are asking for it (notice he targets mass-recruiting clans specifically)

    • Petter says:

      Well, yeah. Those guys made some really stupid decisions, I’m not denying that. The DF community will probably turn as paranoid as the EVE players, if they are not already. But he did aim to do just that, a quick get-in get-out by using handles resembling the guild leaders’.

      Actually, this was more a reaction to you calling the people that leave DF because they can’t take the heat. The heat here was an idiot who ruined peoples’ guilds because he felt like it, a griefer without a proper agenda. That’s what I mean – I am defending the ones that left because they had been griefed. That could have happened in any game, including WoW.

  4. It’s interesting because to me ganking and bank robbing fall into two separate categories. I view ganking as lame and reprehensible whereas I think robbing is a bank is actually pretty cool and well within the “rules” of sandbox games like Darkfall and EVE Online. I guess the main difference to me is that ganking doesn’t give the defendant any chance whereas robbing a bank does. The guy managed to pull it off because essentially guilds let him do it and with the right “security” it’s easy to prevent.

    • Petter says:

      The problem here was the way he did it – nothing sandbox about it. This could have happened in Darkfall, EVE, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II…

  5. [...] over at Don’t Fear the Mutant had an interesting post about his reaction to some players exploiting others (in particular to some bank heists in Darkfall). It got me thinking about ganking and stealing and [...]

  6. Callan S. says:

    I think your mixing up what he did and how he treated people.

    I don’t think the pixels matter except in a game way, and if the way he got them was legitimate to the game, then your the one in the wrong to complain about that.

    However, the way he was talking to people, he treated them as less than human. Obviously treating other people as less than human is not on. Clearly you can’t chuck him out of the game, so you realise the game developers let people like this on. Then you realise all mmorpgs let people like this on.

    Anyway, you did treat them seperately at the start but in the comments your starting to mix his misstreatment with what he actually did.

    Personally I think his approach wasn’t legitimate, but given that they handed him the vault keys, if he’d been polite and perhaps just spammed chat about how awesome he was, I’d even cheer him a bit because talking yourself up isn’t treating others as less than human. But when he’s a rude scumbag – well, he’s lost one person who would have cheered him on his exploits. So he’s a loser after all.

    Frankly I wonder if he can’t imagine himself as being awesome – they only way he can make himself bigger is by trying to make others smaller than him. Sad twit.

    • Petter says:

      Yeah, I believe you’re right there – I read through this entry again yesterday and got the feeling that I might have lost my original point. This was more a reaction to SynCaine, that I don’t think that people should be labeled as “weak” if they decide to leave the game after a scam like this.

      Thanks for pointing it out in a clear way. :)

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