Sunday Multi-Subject Post!

Rebel Walker from Star Wars Galaxies

The Galactic War is on in Star Wars Galaxies this week. So many Jedis for people to get upset about!

Multi-subject post! I don’t always have time to blog that much, so here’s a summary of the stuff I felt I should have written about, but didn’t.

Star Trek Online - Seems like everyone on my Twitter-list are playing STO these days. I am not, since my review code has yet to materialize. Not sure if there’s been a mix-up, if they are simply not sending out review codes (I am not the only one that have yet to get one) this time around or if they want to sort out most of the problems during head-start before letting the press in. I am bouncing up and down here, there’s a new MMO on the market and I’m not playing it. I feel naked.

Mass Effect 2 – The other game on everyones’ lips right now is Mass Effect 2. While I still feel a bit uncomfortable about some of the changes they’ve made to the gameplay, I am completely in love. If  you loved the first game, you must get Mass Effect 2. If you haven’t played the first game, then you are not a real human being and should get it right now. I love seeing Commander Shepard again, it’s been too long. So long that I’m actually playing through Mass Effect 1 as well.

Dante’s Inferno – The review copy of Dante’s Inferno turned up this Friday. It’s complete and utter madness. I adore it. Gameplay is solid enough to be entertaining on its own, but DI is all about the design. And the madness never, ever let up. I’ve played for around 8 – 9 hours of it, and it manages to keep the intensity up at all times. Good going, Visceral. You guys make me proud.

Mining copper in Lord of the Rings Online

Redthir the Rune Keeper, proudly stealing hobbit copper since 2010.

Lord of the Rings Online – I’ve really started to love LotRO. My rune keeper is a lot of fun to play, I love the atmosphere and the environments. While the quests are pretty standard, and I have to go into complete leveling-denial to keep myself going, I’m really enjoying myself when playing. I have fun, which is great, and I managed to get my first mount yesterday. I’m also starting to enjoy the crafting, having emptied the Shire on copper and animals dropping light hides. Sadly, the sub ran out today and since my economy this month is as bad as it more or less can get, I don’t feel like I have the funds to re-activate a P2P-account right now. I’ll be back next month, if not sooner, when everything looks a lot more stable.

Star Wars Galaxies – The Galactic Civil War update, also known as the more exciting title “Game Update 15″, was released this week. Haven’t had much time to play around, since I’m only level 47 and can’t really do much during the attacks on various cities, but I logged in and took a bunch of screens. Guild chat had some people complaining, but there was quite a lot of action going on from what I could see. Hope it works out and gets some people back to the game. It deserves it.

The future - The future does indeed look a bit brighter right now. It seems like I’ve fixed a stable freelance cash flow over the next couple of months, hopefully longer, so I should be OK economically for the moment. We’ll see how everything works out, but I feel more positive right now than I’ve done for a long, long time.

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  1. Stargrace says:

    SO glad to hear things are looking up in your direction!

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