Loving The Sandbox, Missing The Fantasy

EVE Online

I pwn noobs in space.

I do love EVE Online, even if some online drama and paranoia over the last week or so made me wonder if I really have the energy to move to 0.0 right now. Application has been processed, roles dropped, assets liquidated and jump clones prepped (more or less) but seeing the true paranoid face of EVE’s political alliances and corps is putting me off.

If I do the move I will end up in one of the most volatile areas of the cluster as well, straight into a war that will probably spiral out of control at some point. With Against All Authorities/U’K moving in on CVA-space in the south (death to the slavers!), Goonswarm losing their territories in Delve (and, well, the alliance itself) and Mostly Harmless fighting ev0ke in the north, the whole stage is set for all out war in more or less all of 0.0 space. It could turn out to be very interesting, and in some ways I want to get in there and get my hands dirty in case the whole madhouse starts crashing down. Then again, nothing might happen. I’m not that updated on the politics as I want to be.

For the record: Against All Authorities is the coolest alliance name in EVE. And no, I have not applied for membership with them.

Anyway, while the wonderful sandbox that is EVE Online is calling to me, I also miss fantasy. Yes, we have way too many fantasy MMOs to choose from, but still I miss it. Dwarves and elves and swords and stuff. I miss Lord of the Rings Online, which I haven’t played in a while. Between EVE, Global Agenda and Star Trek Online, I have enough sci-fi to last me a long time. I want a classic fantasy epic adventure! And no, I do not want World of Warcraft!


I pwn fantasy noobs.

So I’m looking at Darkfall…not to join up with a large guild/alliance, but perhaps settle down in a more tranquil area while the wars rage around me. You can only listen to Beu and SynCaine for that long before you want to give it a try. It also seems like Aventurine have done a lot of work when it comes to ambient things like monster and creature AI.

Of course, guild names like “No daddy not again” and “Genital Asphyxiation” make me dread the community (even though the latter is kinda fun). And yeah, the whole PvP forum warrior gang that seems to infest the game. Imagine, a sandbox fantasy PvP game without the nutcases. What an utopia that would be.

So, anyone with me? Let’s all move to Darkfall, be nice noobs, find ourselves a calm area of the world (ha!) and just…fish. And cry if someone starts ganking us. I practiced in EVE a few days ago, when a Mega had my Brutix as a snack in a low-sec exploration site.

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  1. Scopique says:

    Darkfall has always been one of those neck-craning examples, IMO. I’ve ALWAYS hated open PvP, mostly because it caters to one play-style and one play-style only. I can’t fathom HOW a game like Darkfall can accomidate people who are WILLING to engage in PvP, but only by their choice. EVE has it down pat in so many ways, which makes me think that moving from EVE to Darkfall is like moving from MENSA to a NASCAR race.

  2. Beau says:

    MENSA to a NASCAR race! hehe

    Seriously, it is very different, but it’s still a great game. At the very least you will find yourself fascinated by the juxtaposition of players and how they play and the fantasy part. It’s really odd.

    Let me know when you get it in…we’ll go pwn noobs together. (Actually, we’ll just fish.)


    • Petter says:

      Since you also love Ryzom, I trust your insight into Darkfall in a different way to SynCaine, for example. If I decide to give it a go, I’ll certainly look you up.

      I’m a bit confused on how the whole housing thing works after reading your blog. You get a house that can’t be taken away? Outside of the guild cities? Or it is vulnerable to attack?

  3. Stargrace says:

    If you do pick it up (and I’ve said this before) let me know! It’s the one game I haven’t tried yet. Plus, we share the same gaming hours and that always helps. =p

  4. Darkfall never appealed to me much mainly because of the negative press it go when it come out. However, I’m totally with you on the fantasy sandbox thing. Oddly enough, I want to see more sci-fi theme park MMOs and more sandbox fantasy ones :)

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on DF.

    • Petter says:

      I agree 100%. :) I’d love to see some more working sandbox fantasy games, since we will be getting more theme park sci-fi games over the coming years (TOR, Black Prophecy, Jumpgate Evolution, WH40K etc).

  5. KillTrash says:

    Hey, definitely let us know how that Darkfall visit goes. I was always intrigued by that game but I’m also one of those who have been avoiding it since release because of the bad press it got then.

    And as far as EVE goes, I always wanted to be part of the drama actually! Part of all these crazy wars and scams I read all over the place and gets me all excited. Whenever I play the game though, I just end up ratting or doing missions to the point I get super bored of it all and quit. I guess I need to join a more active corporation, but whenever I tried before I was treated as “the spy” and I just gave up… :)

    • Petter says:

      Yeah, that’s more or less where I ended up this week as well. One corp nitpicked everything they could find on my char, despite me having perfectly good explanations, while the other suddenly got “tipped off by anonymous sources” that I was trying to infiltrate them – despite me not telling anyone I had been in contact with them! 0.0 drama isn’t really all that when you’re the victim. :P

      Missions are a pain, I agree. Too bad you haven’t been able to find a corp, makes the game so much more enjoyable. :/

  6. Monkeyclaws says:

    You may not miss WoW but WoW misses you :(

  7. Ah, it’s great that you are trying out Darkfall. It’s a very exhilarating and exciting MMO and very different from anything else out there. A lot of people in/about/outside and generally all over Darkfall but there are also a lot of good players who will help newbies etc.

    If you need any help let me know.

    I also run Darkfall’s only PK/RP clan on NA1 so if that interests you please hit me up! Though, your idea sounds very good, and I recommend you follow your plan before you join a clan of any sort.

    Check out my blog for plenty of DF action hehe.

    • Petter says:

      Thanks, we’ll see. I’m not in DF yet, the price is a bit high – have to wait for my paycheck, if not longer. But I will give it a try as soon as I can. Looking at the pictures at your blog makes me even more certain. :)

      Not sure which server I will pick, though. I have to research the two. But NA1 is newer, so I guess the community is at least a biiiit fresher. Not much, I guess, considering the transfers, but still…

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  9. Billy Hicks says:

    I would say don’t buy the game, yet.

    They are introducing New Player Protection ‘soon’. NPP will protect you for your first few hours in game as players wont be able to kill you (NPCs can though)

    They are also talking about introducing some noobie dungeons and some other stuff for new players.

    DF is a very hard game to get into. It might be worth waiting a month or two and taking advantage of all the stuff coming down the pipe to help noobs.

    • Petter says:

      Perhaps. Good point, though. I did manage to get into EVE before CCP seemed to care much about newbies, but yeah…it might be a good idea. Guess I’m a bit too restless right now, which could get in the way.

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