A Horse And An Aquarium – All A Guy Will Ever Need

I has pretty horsie!

I’ve had a really bad day today, which culminated with a long discussion/argument with Openedge over Twitter (no hard feelings though). But instead of being a typical MMO-blogger/player and complaining about something game related on my blog when I’m in a bad mood, I’m going to do the opposite. Instead, I’m going to be all happy! See, I did promise a happy post on DFTM!

You know what, I am happy when it comes to the MMOs I’m in right now. I’m truly to starting to feel at home in Lord of the Rings Online, for example. My rune-keeper has hit level 36, which is way beyond anything I’ve reached in the game before. He’s a ton of fun to play, and getting the horse from the Spring Festival made me even happier about him. There is something about getting a proper mount in a MMO that always makes me feel that my character is more…well, real.

The kinship I’m in has been nothing except great, even though I hardly ever see any of the bloggers that’s in it as well (I’ve seen Syp once, still no sign of Blue Kae or the Casual Stroll-guys – damn your make-believe time zone). I’ve started to dabble a bit in skirmishes, trying to figure out which soldier will work the best together with my rune-keeper. So far, the warrior has been working better than the protector. It’s tricky to try to do both healing and some extra DPS with a rune-keeper…

I also decided to re-sub to Star Wars Galaxies the other day. It was a combination of the producer note for April which details some really cool changes, the neat stuff you get during the 30th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, and a brief discussion about the game with Ark. I was happy to find my house intact and myself still guilded. All I’ve done so far is putting some decorative things on top of the aquarium on the upper floor of my home, but it felt nice seeing Prometheus, our guild city, again.


And a cool aquarium. Beat that, World of Warcraft.

I’m considering respecing my Jedi as well. That’s the nice thing about SWG – you can actually respec over to other classes and retain your combat levels (it comes with an increasing cost, of course). I’m considering a bounty hunter, or a smuggler, but I have yet to decide. I’m also thinking about deleting my level 90 trader and replacing him with an entertainer (don’t want to respec him, he wouldn’t look too good on the dance floor).

To be honest, I’m actually pretty confident that MMOs will come out alright in the end, despite money grabbing F2P-games and sparkly ponies. I’m with Syp, the APB business model gave me back some confidence that it’s all not doom and gloom. Everything will be just fine.

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  1. Katsumi1980 says:

    Great post, I want to try out both these games sometime, they look fantastic, and gotta love mounts!

    • Petter says:

      As I said on Twitter – mounts make MMOs go round. That’s probably the main reason why I’m also considering specing Beast Master in SWG and breed my own…

  2. pasmith says:

    I’ve been having a pretty terrible few days too. Sorry to hear you’re having the same. Sadly I’m not able to find much joy in MMOs these days. I drift from game to game but none of them are sticking. And there’s nothing on the horizon that has me particularly enthused, either.

    My gaming days might just be over, which is weird just in that I don’t know what the heck I’d do with myself when I do get free time (which is pretty rare during the week these days, but weekends are still open).

    Heck I don’t even have time for twitter these days!

    • Petter says:

      Could be just a case of burnout? I know I felt that way not long ago, until suddenly something said “click” in LotRO. Lack of time is always a problem, sadly. :( Hope you find some more time soon!

      • pasmith says:

        It may be burnout, but I think it’s more reality. When you start finding yourself with 2-3 *scheduled* hours/week for gaming, MMOs just feel like they don’t give you much bang for the buck. And note how I highlighted scheduled. I spend more time than that playing every week but a lot of it is in ‘stolen time’ periods of 5-10 minutes here and there.

        And yeah, that time I spend playing on the iPad *ducks*. It could be worse; it could be on Facebook!

        Even booting up the PS3 or 360 feels like too much hassle at this point. Maybe I’m just getting too old for gaming. Or maybe I’m just getting too old to work 2 jobs! :)

        Anyway sorry to whine on your blog… I could’ve written a comment on my own by now! Mostly this was a ‘misery loves company’ comment since you said you’d had a bad day. Just wanted to let you know you weren’t alone, and better days are coming for both of us!

      • Petter says:

        Ha ha, you are welcome to whine here whenever you feel like it. ;) I hear you, though. But one day you’ll be sitting there with your iPad, see Angela log in to Everquest II, think “hmmm, perhaps those MMOs were pretty fun…” and BAM. You’re hooked again. :D

        And indeed! I’ll toast to that.

  3. Blue Kae says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on my friends list for you, but it’s tough for me to get any playtime in before 8pm (GMT-5) anymore even on weekends. My wife has some crazy expectation that I spend time with my son. She’s nuts! :)

    • Petter says:

      What a novel idea of her! Can’t she see you’re busy getting phat loot to protect your family’s collective e-peen! Pfffft!

      Anyway, I’ve taken a look at “last online” at times and yeah…our time zones don’t really mesh that well. To say the least. :D

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