All You Need Is Love

I love World of Warcraft! Or no, not really. But I used to!

I’m glad that people took time to read and react to my post on the WoW-clones. I was a bit afraid posting it, since I had already been accused of trying to rile up the masses. That’s not what I meant to do at all, instead I guess that accusation just goes to show how little humor and how little love is in the MMO-sphere right now. So bah, screw the hate – let’s get some loving going instead.

I might be frustrated over stuff in my life and blah blah blah but I want to give some extra love to the MMO scene. After all, the genre is doing great, we got more games than we can shake a level 60 Benediction at (if you don’t get the reference you’re obviously a nub, nub), and I am a level 90 Jedi. Hell yeah. Subs are not dead, not all F2P devs want to eat your first born children’s allowance and more games should have funky Maple Story hats. Dude, those hats are funk-ey!

Also, not all MMO-studios are evil masterminds bent on your destruction so they can pick up whatever spare change you leave behind when you implode. No, no, no – I’m serious! They are not. They are not trying to overly copy World of Warcraft in any way they can, since down that route lies disaster and ruin. There might be certain trends going in the genre and we don’t always like those trends, but you know what? Trends change. And luckily for us, there is a crapload of games available at all times. Some of them might have shut down, but usually that’s because they weren’t economically viable – either because they were crap, or they tried so hard to go against the trends that no one wanted to play them. Or a combination of the two.

One day we will be able to say “remember that time when all third person shooters were all brown” and we’ll laugh and laugh and still remember what a great time we actually had with Gears of War despite its overly…brownness. Remember that only a few years back we were prone to saying “oh, no, not another fantasy MMO” and it felt like CCP was the only studio that would ever release a space-MMO?

This game is going to be the greatest MMO ever created! I've been to the future!

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be critical. We should always be critical, we should shun hype, we should at least try to not jump to conclusions long before a game has been released. Or, wait. You know what? Screw that. Unless you’re a games journalist, or a journalist, or a human being that try to at least maintain a standard of rationality…go ahead, get all hyped up. It’s great that you’re excited! Be excited! Or vice versa – be bitter and angry and whatever you want to be. It’s ok. I’m starting to realize that I don’t have to listen to you and luckily, you don’t have to listen to me either.

Pete asked on Twitter today who had been disappointed in the news that Cryptic is working on Neverwinter Nights. You know what? I am disappointed that Cryptic is working on Neverwinter Nights. I didn’t like Champions Online, I don’t like Star Trek Online. I’d rather have a huge, persistent world based on the Forgotten Realms-franchise. But I’m not going to go completely nuts over it, troll my way across the Internet and then spend the rest of my evening throwing sharp objects at my Jack Emmert-poster (that I don’t have, but have you seen his hair? It’s certainly poster friendly).

Here’s my promise. I will keep being vigilant and critical. I will raise eyebrows when eyebrows need to be raised. But if I start getting totally bitter at the MMO genre, if I fall into the trap of spreading more hate around me than appreciation…then I’ll stop writing. I’ll even stop playing MMOs.

Update! I am so sorry, I totally forgot to add a picture of a funky hat. Man, I wish my level 90 Jedi could wear one of those. She can’t though, since she’s a Twi’lek. A level 90 Imperial Dark Side Jedi Twi’lek. Now that’s riling up the masses.

Check that hat out!

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  1. Stargrace says:

    “I fall into the trap of spreading more hate around me than appreciation…then I’ll stop writing. I’ll even stop playing MMOs.”

    *Three Cheers*

  2. Scott says:

    I would say that I don’t get all the hate, but I do simply because the first two sites that covered the game were and Massively. Cryptic specifically said the game is NOT an MMO so why is there any coverage whatsoever on those sites?

    Then you have all the people who didn’t like Champions or Star Trek at launch and carry a grudge. I’m having a blast in Star Trek but I just started a couple days before Season 2 was released. The Champions demo seems shallow but so did City of Heroes and Villains and it’s been going for what, six years now? Is it even possible to have a *deep* game based on comic book heroes which are little more than *BIF* *BLAM* *KABOOM* combat.

    Waah waah, so it’s their first non-MMO? Seriously, who cares? Last I checked, Cryptic was labeled as a “game studio” not a “MMO-specific studio.” Hey, let’s jump on Bioware for making an epic fail out of Star Wars because they’ve never made an MMO before. Meanwhile let’s all completely forget and gloss over the fact that WoW was Blizzard’s first MMO too, and that seems to have turned out well.

    If I have friends who want to play Cryptic’s Neverwinter game, fine I’ll get it. I prefer to play cooperatively rather than the typical MMO where you end up stuck leveling alone until you’re finally level cap and able to actually play content with your guild instead of just chatting with them.

  3. Y’know, I’ve never ever thought of you as being bitter or negative, Petter! In fact, you’re one of my favourite blogs and I just wish you’d write more frequently ;)

    I think as any long time MMO gamer and blogger will know is that it can be tough to remain critical without coming across as a bitter, depressed old man. I worry I slip into that mode too much especially when I slag off WoW (sorry Blizz… but we both know you can take it ;) ). I guess, to me anyway, is that it’s more interesting to critique something than just blindly praise it.

    At the end of the day my true feelings lie in what I play and whether or not I maintain an active subscription or not. I may bash WoW on occasions but I’m still subscribed. That says a lot ;)

  4. Yeebo says:

    I think a lot of commentators lose sight of the fact that MMOs are exploding as a genre right now, and we are “ground floor” to watch it all unfold (particularly those of us that have been playing since EQ and UO). This is an awesome time to be into this hobby.

    I don’t think I’ve read any posts of yours that cross the line from criticism to jaded ranting. I have been quite enjoying your posts since I’ve been following you :-) I don’t follow bloggers who are ceaselessly negative, they tend to have myopic and therefore uninteresting perspectives (imo).

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