Runes of Magic, first impressions

The mage. Not a very fun class to play so far.

The mage. Not a very fun class to play so far.

At the same time as my download and patching of Runes of Magic was done this morning, I noticed that Beau had written a post over at Spouse Aggro about the general prejudices against f2p-games. It was a nice read since I was quite eager to give the free to play Runes of Magic a try after reading Saylah’s many posts about the game (especially the post about player owned housing and crafting). I’m a sucker for player owned housing, something most of my friends already know, and since I’m completely burned out on World of Warcraft right now (which is a post in its own right), I started up Runes of Magic with an open mind. I hoped to find a game that, although not as polished as bigger AAA-titles, would be able to charm me.

I didn’t, at least I haven’t found the charm yet. I haven’t played very much of it, granted, but right from the start it felt way too much like a World of Warcraft-clone. Lord of the Rings Online is similar to World of Warcraft in many ways, but it does its own thing at the same time – Runes of Magic looks like a poor man’s version of WoW. Not only is the visual design similar to World of Warcraft, so is the gameplay. So far it has nothing that would convince me to stick with it, except for getting my own house – and I might as well play Everquest II for that.



I don’t mind the RMT at all, I actually think that it’s a good idea in games like Runes of Magic. What I do mind is that I can’t help feel that Runewaker and Frogster come across as quite greedy when there is no option to buy permanent pets (at this point). At first I thought that the same thing went for the mounts, but luckily it didn’t – there are both time limited mounts and permanent ones. But there is just no way that I’m going to pay real money for a pet that will disappear after 30 days.

And please, don’t even get me started on the thong the female rogues start out with…

I will keep logging in now and again. After all, it is still in open beta and there’s no reason to cancel an account for a game that is free to play or to uninstall it until I need the space on my hard drive. Perhaps it will get better as time goes by (just adding in all the missing sounds would instantly make it a lot better). Perhaps rogues will get real pants. Perhaps the greatest challenge is getting through the starter areas. Perhaps the challenge is to be around players with names like “Slipknotroxx” without going crazy.

First of all I need to reroll before getting deeper into the game. The mage wasn’t all that fun to play. I hope I will be able to find a class that I instantly like. If it wasn’t for the questionable fashion sense of Taborea’s female rogues, and that I’ve played one for years, I’d probably go for that. But I guess that the typical warrior/priest-combo or a more experimental class combination (warrior/scout?) might do the trick for me. We’ll see.

Do I recommend you to check out Runes of Magic? Of course, it’s free and you might instantly like it. But if you are looking for a new MMO to keep you occupied until Ulduar hits the live WoW-realms, I think you should look elsewhere.

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  1. Katie W. says:

    Yeah I hate the prejudices that surrounds F2P MMORPGs. They always compare these games to World of Warcraft like it was the first MMORPG that came out or something.

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