Let’s go to Ulduar! Wait, where did you guys go…?

When Ulduar was finally introduced to the live realms in World of Warcraft, I started to consider going back to World of Warcraft for a bit just to see the place. It seems like Blizzard actually have addressed some of my concerns with WoW and that Ulduar is more challenging than Naxx. The fights all sound fun, the design of the place looks great, and the graphics are pretty. And since I’m not actively playing a MMO that steals all my free time, a trip or two to a  new raid sounded like a good idea.

A quick look at my guild’s forums later and I’m as desillusioned as ever. They are going back to Naxx?! What just happened? The officers’ desperate threads for Ulduar raids get more or less no sign-ups, while Naxx raids are full? There’s just been a whole new raid introduced to the game and people want to go back to the same raid they’ve farmed for months?

I can only see a few reasons why this could be happening. It could, of course, just be a bad week. For some reason almost everyone in our guild is away on the Ulduar raid days, while available to raid Naxx on the non-official raid days. That could be it. It’d be a weird coincidence, but hey – anything is possible.

I know that my guild did have some initial troubles in Ulduar. It could be that people feel they need better gear. Which I really doubt, since they’ve been farming heroics/Naxx/Malygos long enough to at least have more than 10 people ready to hit higher content. I haven’t been playing since February, but I’ve been keeping track of our forums almost daily since then (force of habit) and there’s been two or three raids every week. Add all the heroic badges I know people have been getting and you got at least one Ulduar-team ready to go.

The last reason I can think of? People are lazy. Naxx made them lazy. Naxx was easy, people got used to it and when they are suddenly faced with a real challenge in Ulduar, they get scared. Wiping is no longer a way to learn, it’s now a sign of boredom and frustration. They’ve already forgotten what it was like to learn Kara, or they never wiped for weeks trying to down Vashj. I don’t know.


Good thing Free Realms went live, I suppose.

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  1. Spinks says:

    I think that could be mostly a combination of bad luck and your guild. Or rather, it’s not something that we’ve seen. We struggle to get people to sign up for the (optional) Naxx runs to help people gear up but the Ulduar ones are oversigned.

    And it is fun (I think)

  2. Petter says:

    Yeah, I think so too – I don’t blame it on Blizzard this time. It’s probably a combination of all the reasons above. Ulduar seems like a lot of fun, yes. :)

  3. Per says:

    Then why aren’t you coming back? Doesn’t have to be for full time or anything just being there to at least see it once for yourself, with your own eyes. I know that I nag about this nearly every day of the week but I still think it’s a bit shitty basing an opinion on what you read on da interwebz instead of actual observations and experiences. So why the hell not, try it on for size! And give me my damn GL! :P

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