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My Stress, My Headache, My Love For Games

A lot of people think that all game journalists do is play games and write reviews. Reviewing is a big part of it for most of us, of course, but what people forget is that playing games can take a lot of time. For example, here’s what my current gaming schedule looks like:

Dark Void – Playing this for GRTV, not really enjoying it. I still have to spend most of tomorrow playing and taking notes. Because don’t forget, when you’re reviewing games, you have to play them no matter how much dislike them. Dark Void is OK, but imagine putting hours on hours into a game you hate. No, it’s not fun.

Napoleon: Total War – Review copy dropped in today. Embargoed, so I still have time left to really dig into it.

Star Trek Online – Head start begins this weekend. Reviewing MMOs can be the worst, have to spend a lot of time with STO in the near future. Luckily, I have a very understanding editor-in-chief who understand how these things work. Still, I am working under a deadline, just like I did with Aion. I really hope the servers are ready for the amount of players that might try to rush in next week.

Global Agenda – Head start this weekend as well. Easier to review than a “real” MMO, will still need to spend a lot of time with it. Luckily, what I’ve seen from the beta, it is a lot of fun. Team Fortress 2 with XP. Still, my beating heart. A bit worried how it all will fit together after launch, though. How does the future look for GA? Will Conquer mode work out the way Hi-Rez hope?

Global Agenda

Me and Sera from Massively tear it up in Global Agenda. We almost won the round, too. Almost.

Mass Effect 2 – The game I just want to play and play and play and play. Review is filmed at GRTV this week, I’m not the main reviewer so I don’t have to finish the game before that. For which I am thankful, since I don’t want to finish it in a long time. I want to savour every delicious moment.

Game under embargo – Review of this is already in for the magazine (we had deadline this week), but we’re filming a review this week and I need to put together a longer version of the review for the site. Embargo runs out early February. Need to take a lot more screenshots as well. Thankfully, I am enjoying the game. I count my blessings.

Then we have the games I want to play on my “spare time”, like Lord of the Rings Online (more blogging about that coming up), EVE Online (thought I’d actually join the EVE Blog Banter this time, CK is dangling prices in front of our faces), Mass Effect (yes, the first one) and Darksiders (which I need to finish). Then there’s new DLC for Dragon Age: Origins and DLC upcoming for Assassin’s Creed 2… And quarter one has just started, there is a huge amount of games coming – a whole bunch of them will end up on my desk.

I’m not complaining, I love what I do. But remember to hug your friendly neighborhood game journalist next time you see him (or her, of course! Thanks, Stargrace!).

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