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Multi-Subject: Null-Sec, Rapture And David Cage Is Back

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Time for another one of those multi-subject posts, I believe. I’ve been quite busy working over the last few weeks, which has felt great – I haven’t had this much to do, every day, for a long time. It also means I can feel a bit more secure financially, at least until this contract is finished (which might or might not be extended). But enough of that, to the games!

EVE Online – I took the leap, accepted the invitation to a null-sec alliance and moved into 0.0, straight into a war zone. It feels good, though, since the alliance I am in covers a pretty good area, which gives me room to rat and explore in order to get my ISKies up. I’m really poor, that’s for sure. I should be ready for some actual fighting in the near future. I never thought I’d end up in this situation, but now I am. Hopefully, when I finally leave EVE, I will have some good 0.0 stories to tell.

Heavy Rain – I got my promo copy of Heavy Rain last week and me and the girlfriend have spent about five hours with it over the weekend. I won’t spoil anything, don’t worry. It’s a magnificent game so far, completely different from anything you’ve ever played before (except Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy). Sadly, David Cage either can’t control himself or someone is forcing him to add all kinds of stuff to the game that has no place there. You will see what I mean when you play it, but some details do deter from what is one of the most subtle and beautiful games in a long time. I’m a bit worried about how it will turn out as we progress, as Fahrenheit went completely nuts after a few hours and spiraled out of control.

Heavy Rain

Two things you do a lot in Heavy Rain: open fridges and visit the toilet. You never, ever wash your hands though. Dirty video game people!

Bioshock 2 – I got the special edition of Bioshock 2 sitting next to me in the sofa, mostly because I still haven’t figured out what to do with it. That thing is huge. The game is…well, it’s not the first one. I’m not 100% certain that I really like it. Multiplayer is a lot of fun though, playing as a splicer fighting other splicers in the ruins of Rapture is hilarious. Trying to grab a Little Sister from the other team while my character is cackling like a madman makes me giggle every time. I just wish they would patch it up and make it a bit smoother to use, right now it’s quite cumbersome and getting into a game is not as easy as it should be on Xbox Live.

Playing Bioshock 2 also reminded me of one of the things I hated with the first game – the story is always told behind solid glass. You are always on the outside, looking in. I never feel like a part of the process, I never get to meet the characters face to face. Now, there was a twist in the first game that made me forgive this tendency a bit, but can they really pull that off again? I truly doubt it.

This picture is, in a way, Heavy Rain related. Get back to me when you understand the (bad) joke.

Allods Online – Allods Online is entering open beta tomorrow and the characters created won’t be deleted when the game is launched. Which, for most people (including me), means that the game is actually launching tomorrow. Great! It will be fun to see how things will turn out for Allods, and I do plan to play it myself. I just can’t decide on a Gibberling or Risen? Oh, the pain.

Star Trek Online – I am still trying to find the time to play this to a greater extent, but the servers are still quite unstable. Isn’t that grace period up? Shouldn’t we expect them to be at least fairly stable by now? I’m annoyed, but I mostly got myself to blame. I am going to give it a proper go this week, but I must admit that I’m not particularly enjoying it. It’s not nearly polished enough to be a subscription game, and I wouldn’t put the triple-A stamp on it (whatever that really means, discuss).

So, that’s another multi-subject post pulled off. How about you? Planning on playing Allods? If so, what faction? And what am I missing in Star Trek Online, where’s that detail that will make me fall in love with it? I am already a bit in love with my Borg engineering officer…

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