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Don’t cry for me, Dantooine

Laugh! Now!

Laugh! Now!

After browsing around on the official Star Wars Galaxies forums, I’ve realised what you need if you decide to try it out. No, it’s not only patience to deal with bugs or with the sometimes twitchy combat. It’s not putting up with the kinda dated graphics, or the questing/mission running to get to level cap.

What you need is a sense of humor, or at least the ability to not take yourself too seriously. Not being prone to go into fits of nerd rage probably helps too.

If you’d decide to pick up SWG, one of the first things you might see when you finally get off Tansarii Station is a wookie with small wings on his back. There’s one on my server standing at the starport in Mos Eisley, giving out Chronicle Holocrons (quests he made himself through the Chronicles system). He looks hilarious. I have no idea how he got the wings, I’ve seen them on other players as well, but there’s just something about a 2.5 meter tall wookie wearing them. It’s awesome.

3 3 3

<3 <3 <3

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the adorable, flying, mini-Ewok pet. It’s disturbingly adorable. I want one, but I believe it’s some form of award from an in-game event I’ve missed. And even though the New Moon Festival, SWG’s version of Halloween, ran when I first started out, I’m afraid that I missed getting the Jabba backpack. Better luck next year?

If your right eyelid is twitching from Star Wars-fueled nerd rage from reading about a flying mini-Ewok, then SWG is probably not for you.

I guess it’s understandable, though. If you came to Star Wars Galaxies, hoping for a 100% perfect Star Wars-experience, then…well, you might be out of luck. Personally, I came to SWG looking for a fun game and a world second, with the Star Wars-universe being a nice backdrop. I don’t even mind all the Jedis running around (hey, I’m playing one), something I understand gets under the skin of a lot of people (let’s not get into how hard it is to market a Star Wars-game without playable Jedis, shall we?).

Relax, put your feet up, come watch the Twi’lek entertainers at the cantina, buy some blue milk or Correlian wine, dance with a Jedi and pet your mini-Ewok. If you can’t do that, due to SOE not strictly following the lore, you might want to stay away.

In the eternal words of Malaclype the Elder  – “the human race will begin solving its problems on the day that it ceases taking itself so seriously”. Don’t be so glum, chum!

How far are developers working on license-MMOs able to go? How much creative freedom should we allow them? What comes first? The license, the game, the marketing, the world? Either way, I want a mini-Klingon in Star Trek Online.

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