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Dance your worries away (and buff up!)

Busy evening in the Mos Eisley cantina.

Busy evening in the Mos Eisley cantina.

How do you gain experience points and levels when you can’t get it from killing mobs? How do you progress your character when combat is more or less pointless?

You dance.

Enter the entertainer. Just like the trader, the entertainer does not gain experience points from killing monsters. But where the trader gets XP from crafting, the entertainer gets XP from…well, entertaining. You got the choice of dancing or playing music, you perform songs or string together dance flourishes. You do light shows, create your personal dance floor or put on your smoke machine.

Compared to the standard combat classes in Star Wars Galaxies, the entertainer is a buff class. Most of them hang out in cantinas (or in cloning stations, the game’s “graveyards”, as far as I’ve gathered – never seen one there, though), sell buffs to the people that watch them (by using the /watch-emote), get tips and socializes. More than anything, the entertainer is a social class.

Not that! Not that!

Not that! Not that!

It’s a fascinating concept. I’ve talked to a couple of entertainers (or “ents” as they are called, quite confusing at first), and they all seem to love their class – one called it the perfect class to “get to know the server”. They meet new people constantly, as most players flock to the cantinas for buffing before they head out into the field (don’t miss out, they got a bonus XP buff). If you’re not a very social player, and don’t like standing in the spotlight (literally), then the entertainer is not for you.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered a class that focuses on social interaction as much as the entertainer (anyone out there who knows?). I’d love to see something like this in other MMOs. Combined with the music you’re able to put together in Lord of the Rings Online (which is really impressive), this could be an awesome idea to include in other games. So many players use their games as fancy chat clients from time to time anyway, give them a reason to flock to the bars/cantinas while chatting away.

Ironforge needs a proper nightclub, Blizzard.

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