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Welcome to the apocalypse

When I left World of Warcraft, my main character was decked out in raiding epics. In Aion, despite not being very high level, I’m wearing a whole bunch of neat magical artifacts and weapons. In Ryzom, at least when I’m out hunting, I wear a full set of heavy armor and carry a two handed axe (that looks like someone turned a butterfly into a lollipop and sharpened the edges). In EVE Online, I love to fly my Myrmidon or the shiny Brutix, which allows me to deal hails of deadly blaster fire on my enemies.

In Fallen Earth, I carry a wooden board as weapon, wear a pair of ugly nu metal shorts I scavenged from some survivalist outside of South Burb and a pair of moccasins. They are not magic at all, just a normal pair of brown moccasins. I also wear a head wrap and a terribly ugly jacket that I never seem to be able to replace. I tend to eat cooked tainted eggs and drink stale beer.

Welcome to the apocalypse, indeed.

I’m not going to go on record and say that Fallen Earth is the most awesome MMO ever made, but it should be noted that it is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes rather stale genre. Where gear can often be the bells and whistles of a MMO, in Fallen Earth I feel that I actually need new and better gear to survive in the harsh environment that is post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon. I better learn to craft myself new improvised weapons from pieces of scrap metal, since the mutants and wild animals that inhabit the wilderness all seem very dedicated to have me and my fellow human beings for dinner. I need to know how to turn the tainted meat I scavenge from dead coyotes into a (non-poisonous) meal, since there’s no supermarket or burger joint left in the world.

Fallen Earth confuses me a bit, I’m not sure what to make of it just yet – is it a sandbox or is it quest based? There are missions everywhere and doing them nets me quite a bit of cash and crafting manuals, but at the same time I do feel inclined to just leave the beaten path and go exploring and finding my own place in the Grand Canyon. I hear tales of hidden places filled with nice resource nodes, far away from the tattered remains of civilization.

It’s that exploring that really grabs me with Fallen Earth. I love the confusion, I love how vast the world feels. I want to experience it, I want to see what is over the next hill – even though it’s probably more desolate wasteland. I don’t mind though, not every MMO needs to offer the same magical environments. The biggest problem Fallen Earth faces is its client, which is cumbersome, demanding and prone to bugs. Icarus Studios seem to be working hard at it, patching almost daily, but they have lot of work cut out for them. Here’s hoping they make quick improvements, since another niche MMO that can stand on its own two feet for a long time is always a welcome addition to the genre!

I guess I will write up a review for it, probably in Swedish, sooner or later. Since I bought Fallen Earth myself and didn’t get a review copy, I am letting this one simmer and I will try to stay away from any nasty deadlines. I have only the finishing touches left on my Aion review, by the way – it should be up on our site either later tonight or on Monday. It’s disclaimer bonanza! I guess I can run it through Google Translate and post a link here, if people are interested. Either way, I am not done blogging about it, same goes for Fallen Earth.

In other news, my sister gave me another t-shirt from Whipping Floyd‘s Push the Button collection today, as a late birthday present. I love their stuff, if I had to choose one brand to sponsor me, it would be them. You hear that, Floyd-people? Want a game journalist to wear your stuff at various press events and conventions around the world? I’m your man. It doesn’t count as bribes when you don’t cover the same industry as the bribes come from, right? Right?

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