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In 2010, We Will All Go To Hell

I will take a break from the usual MMO talk here on DFTM and talk a bit about two games I look forward to in the coming year. I actually look forward to them so much that I can’t wait to play them. Interesting enough, they both belong to a genre I don’t appreciate all that much – the God of War-alike kill-everything-in-sight action genre. Sure, God of War 1/2/CoO are all fun, but they are hardly the kind of games that gets my blood flowing.

For the record, I hated Devil May Cry 4. The design, and Nero, made me want to cry. Make it stop!

Big hands, big death

Big hands, big bada-boom.

Which brings me back to the two games I am talking about here – Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders. It’s not that the games themselves look all that hot. I played Darksiders at a THQ event in London a few months ago and there’s nothing really innovative about it. No, instead it is the aesthetics that get me all fired up. I really like Joe Madureira’s art style, my first contact with him was through Battlechasers (since I used to read a lot of WildStorm/Image Comics during the 90′s) and I see Darksiders as a prelude to that certain Warhammer 40,000 MMO that Vigil Games are working on…

And Dante’s Inferno…judging from the trailers, the artwork for that game is really good. I want to experience Hell through the eyes of Visceral Games. It might be my old fascination with religion and angelic iconography that is talking here, because it sure as hell (pun not originally intended) isn’t what seems to be the stereotypical God of War/Devil May Cry-style of game. Big scythes are cool, I suppose, and I adore the kind of over-the-top theme that Visceral has gone for. Kudos! Weird IP, weird game, lots of gore, nudity, demons…what more can you ask for?

And my scythe...cross...eh!

And my scythe...cross...eh!

It’s all kind of silly. The gaming year of 2010 looks insane. Here we thought 2009 was a pretty good year (except MMO-wise which, except Fallen Earth, felt pretty weak when it came to new releases), but 2010 looks like it can blow most years out of the water. Not only sequels, but brand new IPs like the aforementioned titles are on the horizon.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to play some Star Trek Online (impressions coming at some point) while sulking about the fact that EA didn’t send me a $200 Dante’s Inferno check. (Or an empty version of that beautiful box. Hint hint.)

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