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Leaving The Game Is Not Always Weakness

First of all, I love hearing expressions like “the weak must be culled” when related to a MMO. It makes my MMO-loving self feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like the virtual worlds that we inhabit are actually becoming increasingly real. And blood-thirsty. Hardcore stuff, making even the elitist jerks seem humble (ever read any of their FAQs? That’s e-peen stroking right there.).

It’s made up social Darwinism in a virtual world, where rules are meant to be broken. It’s not about aim-botting in a first person shooter, it’s about exploiting other people’s trust and game mechanics to ruin the game for them.

While I agree that bank robbing in any game could be a legit way of playing the game, just like emptying out a corp’s hangars in EVE has been for a long time, I don’t believe there is anything admirable about doing it the way that this Darwoth obviously did. It might make for some hilarious Internet reading, we all love that, but these are the kind of players I don’t want in my game. Not because they rob guilds, but because they are being smug idiots while doing it.

Tiresome, smug idiots. Their “culling of the weak” is more or less ganking people, messing them over. If you leave a game after having been exploited by an idiot like that, probably because months of work was lost because some jackass decided to have some fun followed by a realization what kind of community your game has, I do not blame you. You’re not weak, you’re just fed up. Withdraw your credit card, show both the community and the devs that you do not wish to be affiliated with them – be it Aventurine, CCP, Blizzard…

Social engineering, infiltrating a corp/guild to get to their bank, moving from the ground up until you have access to said bank/hangars…that’s a different thing. That’s infiltration. It’s close to just being a smug idiot, of course, but it’s a different beast. Guiding Hand Social Club didn’t make a use of blaming naming violations to get to Ubiqua Seraph’s CEO, they infiltrated the corp for a long time before they struck. They gave the grieved party a chance to react, a chance to discover what was going on. That’s playing a game, no matter how meta it is.

“Culling the weak”? Let’s not give Dawoth any more credit than he truly deserves, lets not even give Darkfall credit it doesn’t deserve for something an idiot did (which really could have happened in any MMO, more or less). Sometimes I feel like giving DF a go, just to play as “weak” as possible, yet keep going, keep enjoying myself. Being that awful nub the Forumfall community seems to be so afraid of.

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