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The loneliness of the long distance runner

Having some time to kill today, and since the Aion beta event is over, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do the trek from Lotus Hold to Tanvu in Vanguard. I guess the word “trek” has a whole different meaning after playing Ryzom, where a “trek” is something fraught with danger and not something usually done solo, but anyway. The run between Lotus Hold and Tanvu, I suppose I should say.

That’s the thing about the world in Vanguard – it’s huge. The area between those two locations would probably have spanned several zones, and several level ranges, in most other games. But not in Vanguard. During the whole journey I didn’t see a mob with a level higher than 12, and that would be some bandits I decided to avoid. I stumbled upon a settlement, a small keep (which housed the teleport between the island LH is on and the one where Tanvu is) and a monastery in the woods occupied by friendly spirits (where I took refuge when my cell phone rang). These places all housed quests for me, the world might be large but it’s not empty, but I decided to press on instead of getting caught up in a new quest chain. I guess I should have picked them up, it would’ve made the whole journey more interesting in one way, but it would also take days instead of the 30 minutes it took now.

I did manage to take a wrong turn at one point, since the main road was covered by some undergrowth, and ended up outside Magi Hold instead. A detour that cost me 10 minutes or so, but I was happy to have found a new place that I’ll hopefully get to revisit at some point. I was really happy when I finally made it to Tanvu. I took a brief tour of the city before I found the horse vendor outside the House of Mirrors. So now, at level 10, I finally have my first mount. I guess I should decide which city to fight for soon, so I can aim for one of the racial mounts, but I will have to do some more research first. Don’t want to let precious time go to waste!

I was also happy to see some other players running around town. While the Isle of Dawn was quite populated, the main land (at least the Kojan main land) has so far been rather barren. Chat is quite silent too. Could be that most players are up on Thestra, but it’s sad to see a large capital city as Tanvu be that empty. One can clearly see that Sigil designed the capital cities to host a whole horde of players, considering their size, and Tanvu is still quite small compared to cities like Bordinar’s Cleft. I doubt they will ever look like Dalaran, or Ironforge back in the day, which is actually quite sad. Vanguard is still a gem, a really cool game, and it’s too bad it never got – and probably never will – the mainstream praise it deserves.

If it is closed, as some people seem to think will happen after SOE closed down Matrix Online, well…I will be a sad Petter, even though I might not even be playing it when that happens. I might be playing Dungeons & Dragons Online for free instead. Probably not, since I’m not a fan of instanced content, but still. I just might.

Now I’m going to go poke one of my rats, since she’s fallen asleep in their food bowl. She might be trying to “protect” it from the new rat I introduced to them today, but somehow I just think she’s a little bit stupid. Cute as hell, yet stupid.

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