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Ryzom website gets a makeover

The new Ryzom site, in all its glory

The new Ryzom site, in all its glory

It was about time Ryzom got itself a new website, since the old one was…well, old. But while it came as good news that Winch Gate were rolling out a new site for their game, I must say that the new one is not an improvement. The new one still looks old.

I hate to say it, I really want to do nothing except praise Ryzom, but the new site looks unprofessional. It does not, in any way, convey trust or give the impression to be made by a company that deserves your money, or can be trusted with your credit card. Had I not been playing Ryzom already, I’d probably would have decided to not even give it a try based on the website.

It’s not only the general design – it’s also about the language used. The game itself is originally in French, and at times the GMs and event managers have had problems with English, but to have the official English version of the site sport such weird language is not a very good idea. How about this wonderful quote?

The MMORPG Ryzom is the best FRENCH 3D role playing PC game playable online. Ryzom is a role-play game of science-fiction, fantasy and adventure, massively multiplayer, named RPG, MMORPG, MMO or virtual world. Ryzom MMORPG is set 30.000 years in the future. Ryzom won the MMORPG Awards of Best RPG role-play story game and is a reference in the MMORPG’s virtual world. Ryzom is downloadable online FREE, with 21 days of FREE TRIAL.

Eh. OK. Even though Ryzom is an actual MMO, that makes it sound more like a scam – or a game as serious as Evony. It might be the “FREE”, and “FREE TRIAL”, that does it. The next logical step would be a flash banner advertising the game as a new online game that can be PLAYED FOR FREE! PLAY NOW! FREE!


Winch Gate, please update it as quickly as you can. Or even roll back the site to your old one, which actually looked better. This one is a pain to look at, the typography is horrible, and not using enough padding makes the whole site look cramped. Did you develop this in-house? If not, I’d suggest getting your money back from whatever design studio you hired. At least take a long, good look at the 96 errors in your markup.

I love Ryzom, it’s a great indie-MMO that I hope survives for a long time to come. Anyone that’s been following this blog or read my Twitter feed should know that by now. But this website, it’s just not good enough for 2009. Please, pretty please with sugar on top, Winch Gate. Update it.

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