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Gold Spam Nation: Why buying gold makes you an asshat

Or “Why trying to exaggerate your way out of being an asshat is not working, you’re still an asshat for buying gold”.

Gold spam at its finest.

Gold spam at its finest.

If you’re not playing Aion, chances are that you’ve still heard about the gold spammer problem the game is currently facing. Take a look at the picture to the left, that’s the Looking for Group-channel on my server (Castor-EU), a snapshot of about 5 seconds. The thing just kept rolling and rolling in a never ending stream of gold spam. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s not only one spammer – there are actually two of them captured in that shot and there were probably more of them lurking about. In a game that doesn’t even have a free trial yet, which means that the spammers are using paid accounts, that’s a quite impressive amount of gold selling right there.

Because of the problems Aion is having, the discussion about gold buying being OK or not has cropped up again. It keeps popping up, for a reason. It’s a controversial subject, after all. I can see all kinds of side to the phenomenon, but there’s one thing that always gets me – the ridiculous justifications some people bring up to excuse their gold buying. It’s not enough just to say that they are too lazy to get their hands on the gold, the blame is often shifted on the game developers instead. Most of the time, this is absolute BS. SkyRi has given me an excellent example in his comment on Insert Awesome Aion Name. He’s written a post about it himself on Aion Insider, but it doesn’t really say much about the subject at all, so I’ll stick with the comment – that’s where the juicy stuff can be found.

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