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Heading for a galaxy far, far away

As a follow up to my last post, where I asked if Star Wars: Galaxies is actually a bad game, I’ve decided to pick up a new project for DFTM – I’m going to put my mouth where my money is and play through the first free month of a Star Wars: Galaxies subscription. My trial has run out, I didn’t get very far, but using an old retail code I had I now have a full account, including all the expansion packs.

Anioo Gtak, armed and dangerous. Level 7 dangerous, at least.

Anioo G'tak, armed and dangerous. Level 7 dangerous, at least.

Since there’s no interesting MMO coming out until next year, I thought this was as good a time as any. I shall play my bounty hunter and see how far I can get, how interesting the sandbox and leveling/questing mechanics are, and if the game – 6 years after release – still has anything to offer me. And, perhaps, you.

The NGE-fiasco has given Star Wars: Galaxies a terrible reputation, just like Vanguard’s launch blues ruined a lot for that particular title. I really like Vanguard, I think more people should keep an open mind and try it out, and who knows, perhaps the same goes for SWG. Worth a shot.

I’ll start out with a typical fighter class, playing as a Zabrak bounty hunter. It feels like a safe bet, since I have no clue what I’m doing. My character is called Anioo G’tak and I’ll be setting up shop on the Europe-Farstar server. If you see me, or feel like helping me getting accustomed to my new life in a rather confusing MMO, feel free to send me a tell. If not, just send me a friendly message or wave to me on the streets of Mos Eisley!

I’ll keep blogging about other things as well, but I shall try to keep as much focus on this project as possible. Wish me luck, if it turns out that SWG is a big pile of Bantha dung I might need it.

(Just for the record – I’m also one of the cool kids. I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins like crazy and I’m totally and madly in love with Torchlight. I’ll leave the more interesting commenting on those titles to great minds like Dusty and Syp for the time being, though.)

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